I’ve taken the plunge

My photographs are now available for purchase from Shutterfly.com. I started with only a couple of galleries, but more will soon be posted. For now, this is where I will post links to them. Please make sure you Preview your prints as some of the full frame photographs will leave a bit of a white filler around the edges to fill the paper. You’ll understand what I mean when you see the Preview of the photograph.

The first galleries contain photographs from Kenosha Pass captured with two different cameras. Each camera has a different megapixel rating which determines how large a photograph may be printed.

Here are the links: Kenosha Gallery 1 Kenosha Gallery 2
The password for either gallery is ‘kenosha’, but keep that to yourself. 😉

Let me know if there are any particular photographs you’d like to see on my Shutterfly site.

A gallery for some of my Maine photographs is also available: Maine
The password is ‘maine’.

… as well as one from Hawaii: Hawaii
The password is ‘hawaii’.

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