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Image Scenes

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

I’ve created a web site with links to my galleries on Shutterfly.  The gallery links in my previous post are no longer valid and I will be deactivating the links.  Also, I have removed the password from each gallery.

As time permits, I’ll be updating the web site with more galleries as well as information about the sizing of the photographs when they are printed.  I usually compose and capture my photographs according to what I see in the viewfinder of the camera.  Printing the resulting image (full frame) without cropping results in a size relationship closer to 8 X 12 rather than the usual 8 X 10.  I’ll try to get some example up to assist with this explanation.

Visit Image Scenes to get to my gallery links.  I hope you enjoy my photographs.  I certainly enjoyed capturing them!

I’ve taken the plunge

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

My photographs are now available for purchase from I started with only a couple of galleries, but more will soon be posted. For now, this is where I will post links to them. Please make sure you Preview your prints as some of the full frame photographs will leave a bit of a white filler around the edges to fill the paper. You’ll understand what I mean when you see the Preview of the photograph.

The first galleries contain photographs from Kenosha Pass captured with two different cameras. Each camera has a different megapixel rating which determines how large a photograph may be printed.

Here are the links: Kenosha Gallery 1 Kenosha Gallery 2
The password for either gallery is ‘kenosha’, but keep that to yourself. 😉

Let me know if there are any particular photographs you’d like to see on my Shutterfly site.

A gallery for some of my Maine photographs is also available: Maine
The password is ‘maine’.

… as well as one from Hawaii: Hawaii
The password is ‘hawaii’.