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Just another foggy night in Hapeville, GA

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

The fog was rolling in, so I packed up the camera and tripod and headed out the door.  There was fog last night as well and I did go out, but didn’t manage to make a web page … yet.  That one is forthcoming.  For now, I have one web page with some photographs on it.  Have a look here.  Soon, I’ll get around to processing some of the better ones and making prints.

Celestial Event

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Moon, Venus, & Jupiter

Around dusk on Sunday, I happened to look up to see two bright lights in the sky.  They weren’t moving and it was too early for other stars so I guess they were planets.  Venus is usually one of them but I heard nothing about any other planet in the evening sky.

When I went out tonight, I saw not only the two planets, but a crescent moon as well.  This was too tempting an opportunity to pass up so I went inside to get my camera and tripod.  Some of the photographs were okay.  I put them on a web page here:

You can read more about this event here.