Hall House Fine Art Gallery

My photography has been on display in the Hall House Fine Art Gallery in Dahlonega, GA since mid-March.  The gallery is about 20 miles / 30 minutes from my house in Cleveland.  I started out with 6′ of a wall on which I hung some canvas.  My matted prints were in browse boxes that sat on a table.  Recently I noticed they added me to their Facebook page.  Have a look and when you do, like the page too.
I mainly have canvas, matted prints, and note cards on display.  There are a couple of prints on aluminum as well as 2 triptychs.

There are 16 artists in the gallery.  I’ve met some.  Their work is wonderful as are the artists.  There are a few jewelry displays, pottery, paintings, relief art, and pencil drawings.  Jim’s colored pencil drawings look like photographs.  Check them out and see if you agree.

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