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Trip to New York City

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Grand Central Station

While I was in New Jersey with Courtney and Regan, Courtney thought it would be a good chance to go to New York City to show Regan some of the sights.  Her cousin, Bridget,went with us and showed us which trains to use to get there and back, as well as guiding us around NYC.

We parked a few blocks from mom’s house, took a train to Secaucus, another one into New York, walked to Grand Central Station and Times Square, took a subway back to Penn Station, and boarded our train back to New Jersey.  The photos, using my trusty point and shoot, are here.  You will see the Empire State building, the girls approaching Grand Central Station, inside Grand Central, Times Square, the return trip showing Giants stadium and the start of the new stadium, and shots from the window on the plane back to Atlanta.