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Hawaii 2011

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Hawaii, Waikiki Beach, and Diamond Head

It’s been a few years since I’ve visited Hawaii.  We flew out on Saturday, stopping in San Francisco for a few hours.  The first day we drove to Waikiki and had lunch at Duke’s.  After strolling around for a while, we returned to the Hawaiian Princess in time to capture sunset photos.  To view the some of the photos from Day 1, click here.

The next day we went out around the mountain next to the resort where I knew there was a cache of coral.  After walking around and taking photos there we hung out on the lanai for a bit.  There was someone at the other end of the beach playing with a dog.  I looked out into the ocean and it looked like a dog was swimming, but since it was so far out I wasn’t sure it was.  It approached the beach near where the dog was.  As it started to come out of the water we could tell it wasn’t a dog, but a seal.  Perhaps it was a Hawaiian monk seal.  I captured a photo, but I’m not too sure you can see it very well.

We drove to the north shore and beside visiting stores there we also went on the beach.  While we were there, a few people started walking towards something.  One of them commented about a sea turtle being there.  We went there and did see the turtle.  Another photo shows the turtle’s head out of the water.

As we went on our trips, I noticed a bust or statue of someone in a park we passed.  Finally on the way back from the north shore, we stopped.  It looked like IZ, a Hawaiian singer, and after being able to view it and see a plaque, that confirmed it.

We made it back in time for more sunset photos.  You may view the photos from Day 2 here.

The first time I went to Hawaii in 1976 we went on a tour of Pearl Harbor.  Since it was not the Navy tour, we could only view everything from the boat.  This time we went to Pearl Harbor on the Navy boat.  There were very interesting things there including old photos, movies, and models.  The photos from Pearl Harbor are here.