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Guanella Pass Road

Monday, September 25th, 2006

I added some of the photographs from Guanella Pass to my web site. Go here to view them: Guanella Pass. Currently, the only way to get to that page is directly from here or from my redesigned site in progress. Just add ‘new’ after my URL to get to the new site.

The new design should be a little more organized. There are also some items added to the main page including news and weather.

Leaf peeping

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

If it’s September, then it is time for our color change.

I went up to Kenosha Pass last Wednesday and captured some photographs. My web page will be updated pretty soon with some of them. This Wednesday, Addison and I drove through Guanella Pass Road. It was the first time I have traveled that road. The color change was in full change. Many of the aspen looked like they were in peak color, even with the overcast day. If the sun was out, I’m sure the trees would have been ablaze with color. As it was, I think I still managed to capture some good photos. Those will be up on my site in the next week or so as well.