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Early (7AM!) Morning Photography at the Denver Zoo

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

On Wednesday May 28, 2008 I went to an early morning photography session at the Denver Zoo. The zoo had offered this type of session previously but I was unable to attend any of the weekend ones since I work until 7 AM. I think there were some offered during the week, but I had previous engagements and couldn’t attend those. This time, things worked out so that I was able to go.

I walked through the front gates at the zoo just at 7 AM and gathered with the group around Predator Ridge. The session was limited to 25 photographers and I think that’s how many were there. Dave Parsons, staff photographer at the zoo, met us there and gave a brief overview of the event. We were free to roam the grounds, and if we were interested, around 8:15 some animals would be brought out in the Wildlife Theater for photographic opportunities.

With the zoo opening at 9 AM, this meant that the usual crowds would be absent. This allowed us to use our tripods without getting in the way of any other visitors.

I think I managed to capture a few keepers. Click here to view the web photo gallery.