The Holiday Blizzard of December, 2006 : Round 2!

8 days after we had the holiday blizzard, we had another storm visit us and drop a bunch of snow. This one had more moisture which allowed it to pile up on the branches of the lighted trees in our front yard. The glow in the snow is from the lights on the trees that were covered up by the blizzard from last week. When I shoveled Friday morning, there were about 8 to 10 inches on the ground and it was still snowing. It looks like during the day only another inch or two fell. Some of the forecasts say the storm will be gone by Sunday and may leave another 8 inches or so by Saturday morning.
Ellen and I went looking for a snow blower on Thursday, but there were none to be found. The best I could do was a manual snow thrower; a snow shovel! Good thing I was at least able to buy another snow shovel.  Those were selling out very quickly as well.  Some of the photographs are on the web page or the slideshow (2006-denverblizzard_round2.pdf).

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  1. brian says:

    Remember, if you want to view the slideshow, it will be better to download the file (right-click on the link and select Save As). After the download completes, double-click on the file and it should open with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which exists on most PCs.

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