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Image Scenes

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

I’ve created a web site with links to my galleries on Shutterfly.  The gallery links in my previous post are no longer valid and I will be deactivating the links.  Also, I have removed the password from each gallery.

As time permits, I’ll be updating the web site with more galleries as well as information about the sizing of the photographs when they are printed.  I usually compose and capture my photographs according to what I see in the viewfinder of the camera.  Printing the resulting image (full frame) without cropping results in a size relationship closer to 8 X 12 rather than the usual 8 X 10.  I’ll try to get some example up to assist with this explanation.

Visit Image Scenes to get to my gallery links.  I hope you enjoy my photographs.  I certainly enjoyed capturing them!

The Holiday Blizzard of December, 2006

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

It started snowing around 4 AM or so on Wednesday. As of noon of Thursday, it is still snowing. Although it was probably snowing non-stop (no, I didn’t stay up to check), most of the snow fell yesterday. Between midnight and now, not too much more snow fell; only a couple of more inches. Around our house, it looks like the blizzard dropped around 28 to 30 inches.  Woohoo!  Shoveling fun!!  I have some photographs in a PDF file (2006-december_blizzard.pdf) as well as a web page so you can see the view from our house.

Oh, and as with the other PDF slideshows, you probably want to download it and double-click on it after the download completes.  The slideshow doesn’t seem to work in the browser window.

Dressing up for halloween.

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

During our visit to Maine, Ellen and I happened to be out one night and came across a couple of houses that were all decked out for the upcoming Halloween night.

Halloween in Maine - 2006, house 2Halloween in Maine - 2006

You can view a slideshow of other Maine photographs here. Enjoy!

If you left-click on the link above, the file will download into your browser. After the download complete, you have to press the right arrow key to cycle through the photographs. If you right-click on the above link and select ‘Save Link As’, you can download the file to your PC. After the download completes, open the file (usually by double-clicking on it) and the slideshow will play with no further intervention. The slideshow should be opened by Acrobat Reader, which you can get for free at the Adobe site. Click here to go to the Acrobat Reader page.  The file is just under 4 MB.

Which one doesn’t belong?

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
More birds

Do you want to play a game?  Which one of these birds doesn’t belong?  I thought it was a neat photo with all of the birds in a line.  I didn’t notice the big white bird until after I downloaded the photos.

The Birds

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

On my way home from work Sunday (after working 13 hours for time change activities) I saw this bunch birds, storks I believe, inside Cherry Creek Park. Since I happened to have the camera with me, I stopped and captured a few photographs. At the time I stopped, there was no traffic on the dam road above the reservoir so I didn’t have to dodge any cars. Good thing for that.

October, 2006 – A Rainbow from our backyard

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

Rainbow from our backyard - October 3, 2006 dsc_0107_copy.jpg



This rainbow seemed especially bright. I hope these photographs do it justice.

Guanella Pass Road

Monday, September 25th, 2006

I added some of the photographs from Guanella Pass to my web site. Go here to view them: Guanella Pass. Currently, the only way to get to that page is directly from here or from my redesigned site in progress. Just add ‘new’ after my URL to get to the new site.

The new design should be a little more organized. There are also some items added to the main page including news and weather.

Leaf peeping

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

If it’s September, then it is time for our color change.

I went up to Kenosha Pass last Wednesday and captured some photographs. My web page will be updated pretty soon with some of them. This Wednesday, Addison and I drove through Guanella Pass Road. It was the first time I have traveled that road. The color change was in full change. Many of the aspen looked like they were in peak color, even with the overcast day. If the sun was out, I’m sure the trees would have been ablaze with color. As it was, I think I still managed to capture some good photos. Those will be up on my site in the next week or so as well.