Guanella Pass

Guanella Pass

This may have been my only opportunity to capture the golden aspen trees. Although the news has said the color should last for another couple of weeks, maybe even into mid-October, I’ve also heard there are trees that have already dropped their leaves. I guess you just either have to find out for yourself by driving up there, or have a look here to see my photographs of the colors along Guanella Pass.

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  1. MoneySpinning says:


    I noticed you have a blog with 1&1 and that you seem to have customised the top image, I just wondered how you did that as I have just started a blog with 1&1 and can’t find the files in my webspace to change images or stuff.

    Would appreciate an email if you can help.

  2. brian says:

    Sorry for the delay. In case you already haven’t found it, when you first log into the Admin screen for your blog, there is a link to ‘Customize your site’s look or theme’. Click on that link and you will find a variety of themes you may use for your site. Hope this helps. Brian

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