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“Lake Morningside” and the ice and ruts in our development

Thursday, February 1st, 2007


This is a photograph of a rather large ‘car catcher’ just at the south entrance into Morningside captured on Tuesday 30 January, 2007. It is roughly 2 – 3 feet wide and 6 – 8 feet across and probably 6 inches deep. You may view more photographs by downloading the slide show or viewing the web pages. To view the slide show, download it first and then open it from your PC. Yesterday, we had to help one of our neighbors who got stuck in the hole.

Most people drive around it instead of trying to through it. It’s easy to forget about driving around it when we get a new coating of snow. We’ve been getting a storm a week for the last 7 weeks starting with the blizzard. Driving around this hole means you have to get close the street sign as you can see in one of the photographs.

The overnight low for tonight is -7 and the high for tomorrow is +7. We won’t soon be seeing this ice melting.